Rebirth of an Entrepreneur

Well hello, we meet again the last time we had a word I was working in a corporate company. I am now an aspiring entrepreneur. i am looking to open up my own agency. A digital media agency. And god damn it is a long work hours and making a business plan and what all... Continue Reading →

My Old Man

How did I got ┬áhere? I had this dream, dream of having what ever the fuck I wanted by now. Little did I knew, I was grabbed by the balls and thrown back to the ground. And there it was. The reality. ┬áReality came in the form of me finding out my father cheated on... Continue Reading →

Happy New Hump

I was at Chennai Two years back and it was the Christmas week and like every year, i go visit my mother for the entire week. There is this so and so function around the corner only in the name of "Jesus". Almost no pun intended. Young guns like you and me are more involved... Continue Reading →

Just A Dream

  It was a mild evening turning into night and if you remember we talked about spending some time beside the river. We were walking and the breeze was more like a cold sensation running up and down. You looked more beautiful than ever. Prepossessing much like. The moonlight was reflecting on the river and... Continue Reading →

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