Happy women’s day y’all

So, women’s day. And on this day everyone and I mean everyone will have respect for them make them feel better and all. Make them breakfast, do their favourite things, go down on them and all.

Then there’s the next day. Where suddenly it’s gone because it was yesterday and that day is gone. She has to do everything for you again and wait for next year.

I am fascinated by people. And I say people is because men and women are both in fault. On this day women, are more on to the empowerment side and men are more on respect them and do things for them.

What the actual fuck do you really want bruv?

If you don’t respect women but do on this particular day then congratulations you are no different then most of the people around the world.

There’s nothing great about you respecting women.

It’s a man job to love, respect and nurture women.

Even if you don’t respect women make sure you fucking give every amount of respect you have to you mother. If it wasn’t for her you wouldn’t be around.

She’s kind enough to spend her life with you, keep your baby for nine months, do everything for you and what you do?

You wait for a day and you think it’s enough. Enough applaud given a day is more than enough.

What I’m saying here is every women whom I’ve met good, bad or otherwise have taught me what is the power of love, what’s the power of care and how should you go down on them.

I hold no grudges on any human let alone a woman.

This women’s day make sure you don’t try to fuck with a man’s mind because then he forgets you’re a “woman” and then you cry out loud about harassment, equality and feminism.

All I’m saying here is if a man respect a woman, it should also be the other way around.

Happy women’s day y’all.

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