Not everyone who says they have a social media agency is telling TRUTH.

I have been seeing people telling all the startup’s about very cheap and easy way to gain followers and likes on FB, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Truth is, you can get all the fake followers, bots like and fake comments from the bots and you can do it for free there are many software’s and apps which does it. YES for FREE.

So if someone tell you or give you followers and likes for cheap amount I am sure you will jump right into it. Because why not, you are getting it for very low amount but have you thought what will it do to your company or your brand?

If you want to hinder your company progress then by all means go ahead.

What I do is I make your complete profile on all of social media and get you organic followers with that blue tick, grey tick, or a tick. And my prices are on point. If you think it is costly it is because I put my creativity and my experience in play.

You will not believe it but I am responsible for people to shift from Orkut to face book in 2006. Word of mouth can go a long way.

And this is not my marketing strategy but I thought I should put this out there before you lose the leverage without even creating it on social media.

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