Red Lipstick

I have a confession
All these seasons under the sun,
Had me believing it’s more than just some fun.
You coming, wearing that red lipstick.

I pinned you towards the wall with all my sexual desires, ruined your lipstick all over your exotic little face.
You push me away, or at least you tried.
You gave up and held my cock in your hand and whispered “I want you inside.”

We started thrusting, in a little bed, small room and all those books…..

I lit a cigarette, and blew a smoke on your face.
You stood up and found your RED lipstick,
Admiring yourself, you went on closer to the mirror and you pulled the cap off, twisted it out and applied it on your lower lip and on the way up, you did your thing and blew me a kiss.

It’s funny how I remember each and everything you said, didn’t said, said it with your eyes, tried to hide it behind the “bleh.” Just like it was yesterday.

If we’d ever meet again,
Make sure to wear that red lipstick again.

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