Old hits

These are all the old hits. The time where I always went dark in my writing, was inspired and inflicted self hate. Sometimes. 

All I would like to say is, Don’t be in hurry to go to the top, all the money and the fame. Love the process, let your creativity flow and see where it takes you. I assure you, you will not be disappointed. 

Do not think that you are the best, there is always someone better than you, outsmarting your every move and banging better chicks than you. 

Be humble, Stay rad and have fucking fun. 

Have fun with these hits. 


I can’t go now, I have to win

This time it is real.

No bullshit no drama,

Like a Hound, I have to plea.

Focusing on;

This time Oh, so mean.

All in.

All in.



When there was nothing but agony

the voice on the back of my head

Yawping, dancing, mocking.

Said. “HAHA, I own you now. I will entertain myself on blessings of yourself.”

He slithered in to my thoughts, held hostage of mind

Gamboling people whilst within me,


Eating me day by day.

As I lost my religion, Morningstar patted me

said; there’s a lot to pay for this.

Say goodbye to the ones you love.

Welcome to the dark side.




There’s enough hate, angst and pain

in the world to make us morse.

Let me be the reason for your smile

Let me be that one single ray of hope

rushing gushingly through your cracks in your life.

Let me make sure you’re been appreciated and loved endlessly

that it would be lame for others to understand but only you and I would be able.




I loath myself so I tend to be sarcastic,

People seem to like it.

In fact, some of them are hysterical.

I personally find it boring.

Some are same and some of them distinguished.

But we all want to fuck

And we Hate them if they do.

Still want them to be together

cheat and fuck, we do.

We fail to gain the love of a woman.

There’s nothing more powerful than Love.

The love of a woman.

We men think we can do anything to them and get away with it.

Because they love us and they will have to compromise.

The society thrives on that,

all that shit excuses we find

all the petty issues we throw as to justify what we did was for a reason.

Who the fuck are we to teach anybody a lesson.

Woman is the only thing which has been keeping us sane and only the reason for evolution and reproduction.

Be respectful and show some gratitude.

If it was not for them

We might as well just, butt fuck each other into our own demise.




I had a dream.

Dream about you and I.

It was a party of some sorts.

As I was passing by the hallway i heard people screaming in joy, laughing. I reached to the door and knocked, little kid with a can opener in her hand opened the door and let me in.

Everyone I know was there, the guy i met in Chennai, The teenage girl i met in Mumbai, couple of my school friends and the list goes on.

As soon as I turned my head there were you sitting on the brown torn sofa, Well more like adjusting in the sofa. Our eyes met and i fell in love with you all over again. You smiled at me and called me over.

I came and pulled the guy who was sitting beside you and sat there.

You poured me a drink and I lit a cigarette.

We talked about something and didn’t stopped.

We kissed and I just wanted to die there.

Some turn of events, you just disappeared.

You were right in front of me. How can you just vanish?

I searched out the whole area and as I was doing it, it was all getting dark and darker.

I was screaming your name.


Juhi!! Juhi!!

No response to be heard. After a while, everyone was gone and it was pitch black. I could still feel the ground I was running on, screaming your name and you were nowhere to be found.

I had lost you, I was sure but i didn’t wanted to give up on you, i tried and tried until i fell off the ground in some whole and woke up.



Rocking in the sun


drinking rum

jumping in the pool


Go home

you’re drunk.

the chloroform water

making way inside

get out before you die.




There’s an emptiness, echoing inside of me.

There’s a bunch of lies, to keep me going.

I don’t know what I want anymore.

I don’t know if I want to be loved anymore.

I have to be “da bomb” until tomb.

I Cheat on myself and Crow over my accomplishment. And whole of me knows’ that i am the only one who is doing all that is and will be. And certainly i don’t know, who the fuck i am anymore. I don’t seem to have anything to write about and i call myself a fucking writer.

Keeping my head held high, i carry this i don’t give a fuck perceptive, While i fucking have no idea what to do with my life anymore, how to go ahead, while not been getting caught in the moment. I am doubting it all and the whole universe.

I’m not pretentious, joker or dull.

I let you have your moment because i’m the son of a gun whose life has no fucking meaning anymore.



Love has fucked me more times than whiskey and weed.

To all i’m keeping it all together.

Instead, screaming for help from beneath.

I don’t know if I want to be saved anymore.

Because I’ve loved, fucked and Been all over and reached every heart i met. Aspired and inspired,

but I don’t know what to write about other than my raw emotions and tainted, fucked up thoughts.

Weird creepy dreams and a black cock that needs to be warm. But i’m a sucker of love and happy endings. Whether be it with one for a life time or countless others. My heart breaks every-time they go in other direction.

I don’t know or I don’t wanna know, that there’s one for everyone. Soulmate to be specific.



I hope nobody has to go through this feeling.

It’s not beautiful. It’s painful, unspeakable, profound stage of life. My fucked up mind has broken many relations more times than synonyms of word broken itself.

I’m my own worst enemy. No, it’s not cool at all

It’s eating me from the inside day by day and all i can do is laugh till it hurts and some more just to be sure while i tell my self “You’re not crazy.”

I don’t know what to feel anymore and it keep on piling up

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck……

Love fucks me up for a real long time and when i try to get out of that, another woman prepared to save me and also prepared to destroy me.

I just don’t want to stand still.

Almost killed my self the last time I did that.

I don’t like to be a cheesy motherfucker,

that’s not my beat. I am real and that’s no where near good as it sounds. To them i’m rude, arrogant and disorganised thoughts wonder.

You must be someone else.

I keep on asking for help but only I can help myself.

I need to learn how to write. In order to do so I need to read.

“So, read you fucking nut-case.” That’s my inner conscience talking by the way.

But in order to do so, I need to live the life.

“Son of a bitch, You know it and keep on asking.”

You see what i’m talking about.

I fucking have no clue. I literally have no clue.


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