Rant & Facts

I know, I know. I said I’ll be posting a new blog or my thoughts every week and I haven’t since three weeks.

I apologise, I was caught up in work, going here and there meeting new people, some real winners and cutting out who were not doing any good.

I had one of the craziest enlightenment ever! I finally know where I am going and how far I have come from a guy who was just doing things for the sake of doing, looking down on things which didn’t made sense to me and hating whoever was talking shit about me, making me a bad person in-front of my friends eyes.

One thing did hurt though, people who were close to me or at least I thought them to be, came into someone else’s influence because, that miserable person has nothing to talk about but how her life is so bad and how she is the victim and peeps listen to her just because she has tits and an ass. Point being my own people didn’t try to confront me about the things that lady said and I am not angry I am just sad and disappointed or I was now I don’t bother about all these petty things because there is much more to life than just talking shit about other people and making yourself feel good for a while for being a victim.

I have no feelings or empathy towards people who always say they are the victim. That’s the excuse they have each and every time. I don’t know why do they hate themselves so much and more importantly they hate people who are trying to help and when things are changed a bit they put all the blame on the other person. You have to change the way you think, change the way you look at life and have fun and do what you love, go all in on what you love to do.

I am only 25 and this year is about to end and Christmas is just around the corner, waving, winking, with a bottle of scotch in one hand and my favourite dish in another. Surprisingly, this year’s Christmas is wearing a Santa’s dress and has an Impeccably good looks and lovely rack. Oh how great time I’m in for.

I hope you the same, inordinately.

But enough of rant and a little sexual humour, I’ll tell you what all happened in this last month. I learned more about marketing, traditionally and digital and I must tell you I always loved marketing and all but execution was where I lacked my imagination. NOT ANYMORE. Because, I stopped thinking about what will peeps say if I  do this and if I say certain things this way.

I even found out, if I can write a poem and a story and all, I can probably learn writing copywriting and that’s what I did. And I love it. I have been learning about the registration about the company and all the laws and all. You must be wondering why are you doing all this Ronil, why?

Well… just I love exploring new things and doing new things 😉 I am due to take our company I work, public. It is an entertainment house and I am the CEO so, you know, gotta work, work, work, work and watch Rihanna twerk.

Wrote a book about overcoming shyness with my main man Joel and named it 10 secrets to live like a King. We had unprecedented responses and we are grateful 500 of them like it. If you haven’t got it what the fvck are you waiting for ask me. We made a video too, thanking peeps who got the book and gave amazing amount of value and had fun and laughed like crazy. You should see the video.

Click here to see the video

And also I found out I have a type. Not exactly a type but what I have noticed in all my ex-lovers, is, they have mole “til” on their neck on the same place. Not kidding SAME PLACE. The power of sub-conscious mind man, it’s crazy and it is a vast topic and if I start explaining it, this will take a lot of time. So, some other time. But, that is amazing and weird if you ask me all of them have a mole on their neck, every single one of them have it.

So, If a lady has a mole on her neck she doesn’t have to try much to get along with me.

Did I mention I am shifting back to Mumbai? I guess not. Well I am. The company is there.You will be seeing more of in in front of camera, talking about something, doing some crazy shit and being all motivational and shit. Make sure to subscribe the Highlife studios India youtube channel.  The cover song which we made got us 33k views, Our Facebook page is growing and We just started doing Instagram. we will be posting behind the scenes and some real good talent by our own people from all-around, we are also looking for collaboration and we have a special Christmas gift for all the artist.

Check out the Gift.

You can show us some love and subscribe to the channel for one hell of a time.

Before I take your leave for today, always remember,

“Do not give a shit about what others have to say about you. People who are close to you and loves you will always come around and talk with you. Do your thang.”


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