DO you remember when you were a kid and your mother use to dress you and tell you to behave a certain way, Walk certain way, Speak properly and if you had brains at that time you must have picked up all those HABITS and for the rest who hasn’t, you are having hard time figuring out what is wrong with you.

As you grew older you always kept on thing about how great you are and nothing can touch you and all will be presented to you because that’s what you took from childhood. It’s real out there pal, it’s not sunshine and rainbows and NO, There are no unicorns or any metaphors you have given in your head.

Nothing comes to you you have to work for it, you have to go out, Face rejection, keep moving forward and master the art and science of BODY LANGUAGE.  When you do it, when you work for it. Things tend to fall in place and it’s not your fairly tale imagination, (well, you can make it work for you like it,, But you’ve gotta work bruv.)

Keep on bettering your self on these area alongside whatever that is you do for a living and you will see instantaneous results.

Soon enough when you keep on Kaizen it. YOU my friend, will see the result and after a point of time things will literally fall in your place and you will be attracting a hell lot more, turning heads a lot more then you will ever know.

I am going to tell you few things regarding Body Language which, in my opinion should be taught in school but they are not, because they don’t want you to follow your own path but to follow blindly what everyone is doing. Why? in their opinion “It gives you a security, Even though you hate your life at least the money will be flowing.”


Because when you come on the other side it’s much more fun and highly rewarded. Now, don’t get me wrong. While you will be bettering your self you will be given a lot of hate. But, you have to be dominant and on your path and Fvck what they say, they don’t even know themselves let alone they somehow know that you are wrong!

Fvck them and Fvck it! You are your own identity your actions define what kind of man you are.

Let me tell you the rule of 7, 38 & 55

This means 7% are Words

38% it the tone of your voice

55% is Body language

Notice that 93% of your communication is non-verbal and only 7% is what you say.

It all comes down to :

  1. The way you walk – If you walk consumed and shoulders down and have a faster pace than normal you automatically come of as a beta and it shows you are not an influential person.

2. The handshake – If you look at the politicians and famous celebrities you will notice      the the way they greet it self shows sign of an dominant personality and a leader. You   need to have a upper hand as it shows the sign of Dominance.

Look closely how it works.

3. The body posture – Nobody wants to talk to a guy who is crossing his legs and hiding his face and his private parts.

See how it is and get to working to your posture. You are an action taker.


Let me give you  4 tips  on how can you improve yourself.

1 Look your best. (I know it’s not a body language tip, but that’s how the world works.)

2 Use power poses. (Raising testosterone level lowers cortisol – Stress hormone)


Do any one of these for at least 2 minutes and you will see the result.

3 Go at your own pace (Slow down a bit)

4 Maintain eye contact while talking. (Well, if you are a PUA you will know When to look and when not to. But High status male are always sees other individuals as the same, Until they do something shitty. in that case, cut-em off)

Maintain the eye contact. and if you notice the man has a dominant handshake.


Have a smirk on your face. It will give an image of you as a calm, collected and cool being and people will love to talk to you.


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