Living Dangerously

You know there comes a time when you are all alone, depressed and have no clue where do you want to go or what you want to become.

This only comes when you think awful lot about people’s opinion and you have not use your mind a single bit for yourself.

Are you one of those people? Are you fed up of all the things thrown at you? DO you want to change the life you are living and want to do whatever the fvck you want to?

Great. I’ll let you in on a secret, Just one secret, not 20 steps to change your life, no fvcking 2 month program but just one secret. But before I let you in I need you to promise me. no matter what happens you will not dwindle from your true purpose, you will not be a lazy ass sitting on the couch and scrolling through Instagram and be more depressed looking at others lifestyle.


BECAUSE, this is not for everyone, this is for those 3% people who are serious about life and want to do something great for this world.

Last weekend where most of the low-status people were going out partying Us 3%’ers were working our ass off, Me personally was giving a seminar about Vision, Mind-set and Psychological factor behind Luck.

I had utmost pleasure to share the stage with My brothers from another mothers, Joel and Bhargav and it was very enlightening for me and I got to learn few things as well.

This was the first time we ever held a seminar and honest to god we were not sure how many of you badasses will show up. To our surprise the attendance and the will was unprecedented that we had to go live on all the social media platforms.


SO, Coming back to the secret which is needed to keep on moving forward.

Listen to me closely, Fvck everything which you are doing and Engrave this thing in your mind.

Don’t be a fvcking Pussy! Be an action-taker!

I know it’s a bit harsh but that’s the truth my friend. You cannot sit around and wait for the perfect time, You cannot be half-in and half-out. You have to be ballsy and take the risk. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, you have to love the process and keep moving forward. Because at the end of the day what matters the most, is how well do you walk through fire and not give up, How comfortable you are in a loss because you know you will bounce back like always.

Look at him, so composed and calm. You know why? He knows he’s worth it.

You have to love your path, you have to set your priorities straight and cut off anyone who is negative about your growth and envious about your lifestyle. Fvck them, You cannot please everyone but yourself. I don’t care if it’s your girlfriend, your mother, your elder brother or sister or your friend. You have to make it to the top You have already taken first step to be in the 3% of the men and women over here and I along side with my highly talented and crazy team will be always with you.

Was so focused on making a new strategy for the recent change in marketing


And in the Great words of Jason Capital.

“Honour your path, Live fvcking dangerously”


Don’t be like Freddie. img_0600.png










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