Rebirth of an Entrepreneur

Well hello, we meet again the last time we had a word I was working in a corporate company. I am now an aspiring entrepreneur.

i am looking to open up my own agency. A digital media agency.

And god damn it is a long work hours and making a business plan and what all services the agency will have to offer and all the incidental stuff which comes with it.

It was never like this a year back. I had no fucking idea what the fuck I want to do with my life a year back. I was rejected twice from the immigration office despite on having good grades in the IELTS, the love of my live left me to be with her husband back (she was about to get a divorce. Didn’t happen) and hadn’t written a single word other then sending her a series of hate messages and all and on top of that was broke. Living with my parents. I still do live with my parents but the scenario is entirely different now.

So, on November somewhere around the end of November I tried to get back my life in order. And let me tell you I purely did this out of hate and desperation. Hate to her and desperation to my own satisfaction that I’m fucking worth it.

So, I went on to give an interview in a corporate company Rang Technologies. I just gave the interview for the first time ever in my life and I was 24 at that time. And I just wanted it so bad, just so I could stick it together her face and show I’m worth it. And I got the job as a Business Development Executive. Imagine a guy who was a school dropout but finally gave the exam after 3 years just to pass it and with no college degree or anything remotely related to college except the blowjob I use to get when I went to perform while I was 16.

Got the job. On Nov 27th 2016 was my first day. Clueless about everything and confused about myself I started researching on what my job title suggests and what should I do and all. To my surprise I had the coolest job ever but this was an offshore operation so Fuck!

But I had a great deal amount of fun doing it too. I was researching on the companies making a report generating leads and stuff like that. I got bored after a while so I had a word with the MD at that time and he gave me to work on social media marketing and content writing and creating blogs. I was like heck yeah now we’re talking. And so I started learning about all there is. I was still doing the lead generation for some time until I was completely moved to the social media marketing. In that Endeavor I was in awe when the CEO wanted me to find the BD people in USA he had some crazy faith in me and my work and I an much glad that he did and I never wanted to let him down. So, we created a process until the HR people were hired in Ahmedabad to work for offshore. After they were, I transferred all the knowledge I had on the process, the questionnaires and the resumes which I had. My work there was done. I started calling companies as well for getting the requirements but most importantly I was doing the marketing and making noise on the internet in the name of the company and was equally appreciated for it.

While all this was happening I met this lovely girl. She was head over heels for me. She use to tell me. We went on for two months fucking like rabbits and making promises we both know we can’t keep. I for once thought maybe she’ll help me get over the lady who left me. The time which I spent which her was loud, deep and all wet and I had to change my bed sheet every single time she was at my place. She use to call me captain jack sparrow just so I liked being called by that name. She was one hell of a girlfriend. And loved me like crazy and that is what drove her away as I am a free flowing individual and I like to dominate my path and I’m not bragging but I’m good with the ladies.

Just like Harvey Specter said

“It’s not bragging if it’s true”

So, what happened was I have no fucking clue and out of the blue she ended things. I tried to get her back but she was in her own world and was being disrespectful and not understanding my beat and so, I fucking gave up.

I had to. I never got over my past lover.

While all this was happening I met this guy Ratnesh Pandey. One smart mother fucker and to much extent just like me the difference is he’s married. Me and him instantly were aligned in each other vibration and were kicking ass in the office and yes u know the stupidest thing which always happens when someone is doing good people instantly start talking about the person and here we were two so there was a lot of things going on and on. As we didn’t bother and the person who was doing it was gone for good and after a while all the true colours were come to light and all knew we are the right deal. I met this little fucker named Rakshit. That ass is also one of us now. So, God speed to you asshole.

Ratnesh opened up many things in my mind as wise and as cocky as he is with a perfect amount on caring and a lots of emotional stuff inside he and I became very close and we know almost everything there is and even in the office our colleagues know the if I know something he knows it too and vice-versa.

We had this heart to heart conversation two months back and I know I was going on a right path. I was about to leave the company and I didn’t tell him because I knew he would feel sad but then again if I didn’t tel him it would only mean i betrayed our brotherhood. So, wrote an email to CEO and to my surprise it was a smooth transaction.

“We make things worse just by thinking wherein in reality they are much more easier.” – Ronil Philips

I finally told him and felt good. Last Tuesday was my last day at the office. I was happy and I was sad. You know mix emotions. I’m not that emotional person I’m a practical being but whom I consider close to me I am emotional about them. Ratnesh on the other hand is very emotional man. And it’s good to be an emotional being only if you can express it and channel it well which he can do.

After I was gone he sent me a long ass text telling me how he’s gonna miss me and we will stay in touch and all. The main thing which he wrote in caps were


That mofo knows me well.

As I am starting a new life a life full of hard work and time sensitive I will keep that in mind and will work accordingly.

I am Ronil Philips and I am an aspiring Entrepreneur and I am worth it. I will be coming up with new blog post about many things now not just fucking so you could get motivated and not just dispose off all the tissues you have at home.


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