Marketing insights from a startup.

Well hello there. I’ve missed you and I’m sure had a great week kicking ass and dominating your path. I had utmost pleasure to have a sit down at Music Maniac store owned by the one the only Joel Mogera. I’ve known him from almost 9 years. And he’s one of those guys who loves taking action and doesn’t let any crap get to his mind. We started talking about his store, passion for music, his music projects, online marketing, EQ and much more. We could have gone on and on and on and there was so much content which could blow your mind. So, be prepared to get your mind blown and feel offended (that’s what I do)

“Marketing is about being human”

I have made the video in two parts and have also attached audio as well as a bonus so you can listen to it while driving or as a part of your morning ritual. Joel has come a long way since I’ve known him and it only excites me more as to how fast he is going and how commendable things he can do. God speed to you my brother. I m glad I had the privilege to know   you. When I entered his store, he was already excited and ready to go.

“I have lot of things to tell you man.” He said.

“I’m gonna make sure we get it all on the record.” I replied.

I set up the frame, it was Bhargav’s birthday so we had the cake ceremony and got back to work. 3C345E56-C233-4973-8DF1-D8449013AA7E





Then Mandar arrived and we got out the lights and had yellow lights put out. (I like look good in them yellow lights) Made sure Mandar had the same frame as I had done, took few pictures so that we know it’s going on good. Here is one of them.


Without any further adieu I bring you part one. Of the video. And my first video with Joel Mogera about online business and marketing and the sheer will to succeed.


Click here for part one.


“If you want to succeed in life, there should be a big dog running behind you” – Ratnesh Pandey

I’m sure you guys enjoyed the part one.I am a digital marketing strategist and a copywriter. Also, i like to give people what they deserve. My charges varies from companies to companies and i love to work for startups. I have four packages starting from 7K to 35K.

Let’s dive deep into online marketing and how can you generate more traffic, engage with the customers, Facebook ads, Snapchat and the giant of all Instagram.

Here is the second part.

Click here for part two.

Here is the audio version of both the parts

Part 1


Part 2





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