It’s all connected! Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Pickup, Musicians everything.

So hey you all, i had a sit down with a friend of mine Mr. Carter. Shout-out to you my man. We talked about many things, from marketing to Tinder to fucking to the mindset of people.

But before i dive into this I’d like you all to know about this post. This post is on the likes of our mindset and this is not to point out anyone’s mentality. Although it will raise some peeps ire.

“If you like it you’ll share if you don’t you’ll still share and talk shit about me, It’s all good marketing for me.”

So, this guy has a love for tattoos and here are few out of what i like.

This holds a deep meaning of these tattoos “LOVE YOURSELF” and two snakes intertwined. He is a exhibitionist. He arrived wearing a tank and washed up jean, where you can see all of his tattoos and scars and a green cap. We sat down and lit up a cigarette.

“So how do you want to do it?” He asked

“Let’s see, what would you like to talk about?” I replied. I gave him a detailed description about the blogs I’ve been writing and how i want to grow. He got the jest and we moved on from there and started talking about million things and we came across about those websites where you can make an account and feel good about yourself where the identity of the person is anonymous and he/she writes something and some people will be all oh my god DM Me, I want to know you and all. here is what happened to Mr. Carter on

He almost made this person run for his/her money. That’s called HIGH STATUS. I don’t understand when someone says something great and you don’t know that those 99% of the people gets all excited and shit and those 99% who don’t have the balls to say something on the face they say some sort of bull shit they want to, like you can see it in the picture.

“I have a reality, a reality where everyone can have a freedom to do what they want without them thinking people will judge.”

Me and Carter go way back. We know each other since we were kids and all. And as we were talking about things and going about the chicks and how do they play the blame game on a guy where she wants to feel good about herself because she can’t do shit about it and she fears the guy will leave and in doing so she will take your heart and bang it and bang it and bang it and on and on until she has made you something you are not and then leave you because according to her you have changed and you are not you. That’s crazy.

I also got a chance to talk about Tinder and that chain of thoughts led us to Marketing, Snapchat and fucking carter as he says “Snap is good for sending nudes.” That fucker 😀 We dived deeper into Indian mentality and i have the recorded audio for the same so you will see the recorded version of it at the end. I want you all to be yourself and not worry about what people say about you. Nobody owns you and you don’t owe anybody anything. I need to you to go out of your comfort zone because that’s the best and it is when you see things clearly and know what your path is. I am a man of value and i always want the best for everyone in anything they do. Be passionate about what you want to do and go out of the way.  And as Gary vay-nur-chuk says “Go All in”

It’s all connected! Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Pickup, Musicians everything. 

We have to keep up with technology and we have to know how it is all connected and you can only connect the dots looking back and see. (Big Steve Jobs fan.)And if your’re already living your life on your terms and doing what you love i thank you for doing it, there are not more like you all god speed.

Here is the audio

Connect Carter on Instagram @_superfuckedupgod_

Connect me on Instagram @writerronilphilips

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