Just A Dream


It was a mild evening turning into night and if you remember we talked about spending some time beside the river.

We were walking and the breeze was more like a cold sensation running up and down. You looked more beautiful than ever. Prepossessing much like. The moonlight was reflecting on the river and I couldn’t ask for more. But we started a fight and I left you all by your own.  I was halfway out and I rushed back searching for you and finally I found you. There you were sitting all alone. I found you you found me. I came close to you and you slapped me hard, pulled me close and kissed me like you loved me. Things escalated, we found a quiet place and my cock was in your mouth and I was fondling your tits. I pulled you up and kissed, grabbed you by your waist and mounted my cock inside your pussy. We fucked like animals and you were all wet.

A change of scenery, we were at home. Fucking. You moaning, saying this is amazing. Dripping wet while I was doing  you doggy. You screamed more more. It was fucking hardcore.

I asked “did you cum?”

You said “ahh….. yes.” All drained and pleasure centred.

You sucked my cock and made me cum.

We slept in the whole day in the Same bed under same sheet cuddling, talking, kissing and laughing.

And then I woke up just to realise it was just a dream.

It would be so fucking amazing if it wasn’t.

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