Happy women’s day y’all

So, women’s day. And on this day everyone and I mean everyone will have respect for them make them feel better and all. Make them breakfast, do their favourite things, go down on them and all. Then there’s the next day. Where suddenly it’s gone because it was yesterday and that day is gone. She... Continue Reading →

Old hits

These are all the old hits. The time where I always went dark in my writing, was inspired and inflicted self hate. Sometimes.

Rant & Facts

I know, I know. I said I’ll be posting a new blog or my thoughts every week and I haven’t since three weeks. I apologise, I was caught up in work, going here and there meeting new people, some real winners and cutting out who were not doing any good. I had one of the... Continue Reading →

Law of Attraction

For many years there has been many speculations about What makes you successful. And as per my research, there is one thing constant and almost every coach I've been getting lessons have been speaking about "The Law of attraction". Be it Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck or Jason Capital. and many Business people have the same... Continue Reading →


DO you remember when you were a kid and your mother use to dress you and tell you to behave a certain way, Walk certain way, Speak properly and if you had brains at that time you must have picked up all those HABITS and for the rest who hasn’t, you are having hard time... Continue Reading →

Living Dangerously

You know there comes a time when you are all alone, depressed and have no clue where do you want to go or what you want to become. This only comes when you think awful lot about people's opinion and you have not use your mind a single bit for yourself. Are you one of... Continue Reading →


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